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Thank you for your interest in joining the Conveyancing Foundation Free Legal Fee Charity Competition.

This toolkit will allow you to set up and raise funds for your partner charity with minimal administration. We will assist you throughout the initial process and beyond.

Please get in contact with us to get started.

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1. Getting Started:

You will need to complete, sign and return the Conveyancing Foundation Registration Form. The Registration Form can be digitally signed.

Once complete, please email to

Registration Form

2. Choose your Charity:

You then choose your charity. The charity need not be a registered Charity but the Trustees of the Conveyancing Foundation have an obligation to ensure that the monies are donated to charities, organisations or individuals who require help or assistance.

3. Advertising the Competition:

You can utilise our Free Legal Fee Brochure or you can formulate your own. You can also access a link to our website from your own to promote the Competition.

4. Gift Aid:

Your clients will need to sign the Gift Aid Declaration and consent to the terms of the Competition. We would suggest that you add the declaration and the draft paragraph to your initial letter and your terms and conditions of instruction. Precedent wording can be found using the link below.

Your clients will need to actively enter into the Competition and must sign the necessary Gift Aid declaration.

You will need to keep copies of your client’s signed declaration for 6 years following the date of completion and produce copies of these documents if required by HMRC or the Foundation for audit purposes.

Gift Aid Declaration

5. Collecting Donations:

We would suggest that you add the £10.00 donation to your Statement of Account on completion for those clients that wish to enter the Competition. Our suggested wording for the Statement of Account would be: “Conveyancing for Charity – Free Legal Fee Competition – Raising funds for (Partner Charity)”.

The Client Donation List needs to be submitted along with the donations to the Foundation within the first week of the month in relation to the preceding months Competition entrants – clients. We will normally look to select the prize draw during the third week of the month – once all entrant details have been received and reconciled.

In the event that you miss the qualifying month’s prize draw, your list of entrants – clients will be entered into the next qualifying month’s prize draw Competition. Please ensure that you keep details and declarations of each entrant – client into the prize draw for a period of 6 years for Gift Aid purposes.

We will collate the Gift Aid on the donations and submit all payments, including the additional Gift Aid payments, to your charity approximately one month following receipt of your donations.

Client Donation List

6. The Competition Winner:

Clients will enter the monthly prize draw for the preceding month and will be allocated a Competition entry number. The winning number will be drawn using an electronic application which chooses the winning number at random. The prize draw is undertaken by a Director of the Foundation with two witnesses present. We will publicise the winner of the Competition following the monthly prize draw here.

We hope that this toolkit provides you with all of the information required to enable you to raise funds for your partner charity. Should you require any further information or copy documents, please do not hesitate to contact the Conveyancing Foundation on 01633 261 242 or alternatively email

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