What is the Conveyancing Foundation?

The Conveyancing Foundation is a registered not-for-profit charity which has been established to help others within the property industry do more for charity.

What is the Charity Lotto?

The concept of the charity lotto is simple. Your client makes a £10.00 donation on completion of their property transaction to enter the Charity Lotto. The monthly winner receives £500.00.

The cost of entering the competition is £1.00 with a £9.00 charity donation. With added Gift Aid, that’s £11.25 to your chosen charity with every donation.

What happens to the £1.00 entry fee?

The Foundation is a not for profit charity. The £1.00 competition entry fee goes into the lottery prize-winning fund, allowing for multiple winners every month.

Why should I set up the Charity Lotto?

The Charity Lotto has the potential to raise thousands of pounds each month for your partner charities and to engage your team in achieving some spectacular CSR results.

How do you get started?

Setting up your Charity Lotto could not be easier. You can follow our step-by-step guide here and we will assist you every step of the way.  Contact us at info@conveyancingfoundation.org.uk to get started.

How does the Gift Aid work?

The Conveyancing Foundation is a registered charity, which means that we are able to collect an additional 25% Gift Aid on all donations for UK taxpayers.

We collate all payments monthly, make a Gift Aid application to HMRC, and donate all funds including the Gift Aid to your chosen charity.

Every donation is worth £11.25 – £10.00 entry fee – £1.00 lottery fee – £9.00 donation + Gift Aid at 25% = £11.25.

Can I choose my own charity?

Yes, each company chooses their own charity. The charity need not be a registered charity but we have an obligation to ensure that the monies are donated to charities, organisations or individuals who require help or assistance.

Are there any Data Protection – Client Confidentiality issues?

No. The Conveyancing Foundation will only ask for the relevant client data to allow us to collect Gift Aid from HMRC and to identify the winner of the competition.

How many of my clients will take part in the Charity Lotto?

Our experience is that 80% of clients take part in the competition. The clients benefit from supporting charity whilst moving home, and also having the opportunity to win £500.