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Participate in the 'Wellbeing at Work' Survey 2024

Revitalised for 2024, the Conveyancing Foundation remains steadfast in its commitment to transform the property sector for the better. By participating, you'll contribute to establishing industry benchmarks and crafting guidelines to enhance the mental health of those within the sector.

It takes just 10 minutes to complete, and you'll have a chance to win one of three incredible prizes.

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Fundraising Total: £1,066,324.04

Webinars, Surveys & Resource Hub

Wellbeing Webinars & Resource Hub

Charity Lotto

Our Charity Lotto helps conveyancers, estate agents and others in the property industry to raise thousands for their chosen charities. Since 2010, Lotto Members have raised more than £1 million pounds for their chosen charities.

The lotto process is simple, clients choose to opt in for a chance to win £500 from our monthly prize draw. Proceeds from the lotto, plus gift aid are then donated to the Lotto Members chosen charities.

To start raising thousands for your chosen charity, access the Lotto Toolkit here or email us at info@conveyancingfoundation.org.uk.

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Be Kind We Care

BKWC was launched in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and its effect on the property industry.

Conveyancers and other industry professionals were facing increased pressure, unmanageable workloads and a quickly changing professional landscape, which often culminated in difficult working environments and hostile encounters with other professionals.

BKWC has been successfully combatting these issues by providing:

  • Trusted resources that support good mental health and wellbeing and responsible leadership.
  • Creating a more united and harmonious property industry by promoting an ethos of professional collaboration and understanding.

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Charity Grant Scheme

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new Charity Grant Scheme which will support and engage with industry-driven Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives, raising tens of thousands of pounds for charity.

Our Charity Grant is a first for the property industry. It provides an opportunity for Partner companies to be directly associated with promoting and supporting responsible leadership initiatives and wellbeing values, whilst encouraging professionals from the property industry to nominate a charity to receive up to £2,000.

Together we can support more charities and worthy causes than ever before!

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Upcoming Events

September and October 2023

  • Report published announcing findings from “Staff Retention and Benefits Survey”.
  • World Mental Health Day...
  • Webinar on the findings of the “Staff Retention and Benefits Survey” providing guidance on how industry leaders could/should act upon the survey results.
  • Announcement of third successful Charity Grant Scheme applicants.
  • Release of quarterly Newsletter.

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November and December 2023

  • Conveyancing conference and events.
  • Final round of successful 2023 Charity Grant Scheme...
  • applicants announced.
  • Christmas Newsletter with round up of the year’s events and charity successes. Details of plans and initiatives for 2024.

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