Here’s a list of our winners:

"Great stuff!! thank you so much! I hope everyone has a lovely Christmas!"
Mr Martin - Winner for November, 2020
"I am really pleased to have won thank you so very much!!"
Mr Arora - Winner for October, 2020
Mrs Innes - Winner for September, 2020
"I’m over the moon, that’s unreal!, Thank you!!"
Mr Parnaby - Winner for August, 2020
"Thank you so much! This is the best surprise ever. Thank you, thank you!"
Mrs Kuli – Kerekes - Winner for July, 2020
"That is absolutely amazing news thank you very much!"
Mrs Keynes - Winner for June, 2020
Mr Clay - Winner for April, 2020
"This is wonderful news! Thank You!!"
Mr Pattni - Winner for March, 2020
"Great news! Thank you very much."
Smyth & Rice - Winner for February, 2020
"Absolutely fantastic, thank you very much!!"
Mr Roberts - Winner for January, 2020
"This is fabulous news!! Thank you so much!!"
Mr Melvin - Winner for December, 2019
"Oh, that's fantastic!! Just what I need right before Christmas, Thank You!!"
Ms Nolan - Winner for November, 2019
"That's made my day!! I've never won anything before, thank you so much!!"
Miss Fairhurst - Winner for October, 2019
"I'm so overwhelmed I have never won anything in my life"
Mr Budsworth - Winner for September, 2019
"Oh wow, that's amazing! Thank you so much, that's great news!"
Ms Sullivan - Winner for August, 2019
"Wicked! that's great, thank you very much. You were all Fantastic, thank you so much!"
Ms Leandre - Winner for July, 2019
"What an unexpected surprise, thank you so much!"
Miss Ayre - Winner for June, 2019
Mrs Gardiner - Winner for May, 2019
""Oh my goodness! Thank you so much!! What an amazing call to receive on a Friday!""
Ms McVeigh - Winner for April, 2019
""Oh my goodness, what a wonderful way to end the month! Thank you ever so much""
Mrs Willoughby - Winner for March, 2019
""That is brilliant news thank you so much! its superb that Companies such as yourselves are so involved with Charities.""
Mr Williams - Winner for February, 2019
"Wow... Really?  I'm over the moon. You've been fantastic from start to finish!!. Thank you all so much this has really made my week."
Mrs Spillman - Winner for January, 2019
"Absolutely ecstatic about winning the draw, thank you so much!!"
Mrs Molyneux - Winner for December, 2018
"Thank you so much, I did not expect to win!!!"
Ms Smith - Winner for November, 2018
"I am shocked, I have never won anything in my life. Thank you so much!"
Mr Ballinger - Winner for October, 2018
"Thank you so much - you have just made my month!!"
Miss Santos - Winner for September, 2018
"Very pleased to win!!"
Mr Parsons - Winner for August, 2018
"Thank you so much, this is absolutely amazing. This is the best news I've had all day!!"
Mr Backhouse - Winner for July, 2018
"I am delighted and speechless, thank you so much!"
Mr Hayes - Winner for June, 2018
"I am gobsmacked, thank you!. It is great that Convey Law helps towards charity and it is well worth entering into the competion. I am very happy!"
Mr & Mrs Grace - Winner for May, 2018
"“Fantastic! Thank you very much, this has made my day!” "
Mr Matrunola - Winner for April, 2018
"This is lovely news, we are in shock! Thank you so much."
Mr & Mrs Maher - Winner for March, 2018
"Thank you so much, this is brilliant news!!"
A Pierro & R Barrett - Winner for February, 2018
"What a way to start the year! 500! I cannot Believe it!"
Mr Good - Winner for January, 2018
"We are Shocked! We never thought that we would win! We will put this money towards a lovely weekend away. Thank you!"
Mr and Mrs Nutt - Winner for December, 2017
"What a surprise! I cannot believe this has happened to me! "
Sarah Vale - Winner for November, 2017
"We cannot believe it! This has come at the right time! "
Mr and Mrs Pitt - Winner for October, 2017
"This came just at the right time- especially after purchasing our home! Thank you so much!"
Mr and Mrs James - Winner for September, 2017
""My partner was adamant that he did not want to enter the competition, so I entered anyway and now I’m really glad that I did!! Thank you so much!""
Ashleigh Foulser - Winner for September, 2017
"This has got to be a joke- I never win anything! I am overjoyed and lost for words! Thank you so much"
Steven Parry - Winner for August, 2017
"I am so shocked, I cant believe it! "
Lisa Jones - Winner for August, 2017
"To hear we have won the competition is just amazing! "
Matthew Jeffery - Winner for July, 2017
"I don’t think we have ever won anything! This is fantastic news"
Maria Willis - Winner for June, 2017
"Wow, that's fantastic. Thank you."
Mr and Mrs Reynolds - Winner for May, 2017
"Best call of the day! Thank you so much. I'm delighted!"
Miss Headland - Winner for May, 2017
"Wonderful, thank you so much. We are delighted with our new house and this is such a bonus!"
Mr and Mrs Gray - Winner for April, 2017
Mr and Mrs Mckenna - Winner for April, 2017
"We are delighted to have won the Free Legal Fee Competition! Thank you so much."
Mr and Mrs Bacigaluop - Winner for March, 2017
"What fantastic news! I am delighted to have won £500, thank you."
Mr Crawford - Winner for March, 2017
"Wow, I had forgot I entered the competition! Thank you."
Mr Paul - Winner for February, 2017
"What a great surprise! I've never won anything before. Thank you."
Mrs Riches - Winner for February, 2017
"Excellent service and value for money. Thank you for your help!"
Mr and Mrs Thumwood - Winner for January, 2017
"That's brilliant news, thank you so much! I will definitely use your services in the future."
Mr Jones - Winner for January, 2017
"We are delighted! Thank you so much."
Mr and Mrs Moore - Winner for December, 2016
"What a wonderful surprise! I can now buy blinds for the property!"
Mrs Khaliq - Winner for December, 2016
"I've always used Convey Law and will continue to do so. What a great surprise! Thank you."
Mr Prince - Winner for November, 2016
"What a wonderful surprise! Wilson Nesbitt handled our difficult case with great professionalism. Thank you."
Mr Milligan - Winner for November, 2016
"Lovely, thank you very much! What a nice surprise!"
Mr Bowen - Winner for October, 2016
"Perfect!! That is great news! Thank you so much"
Mr Glib - Winner for September, 2016
"What a lovely phone call to have! Thank you very much."
Mr & Mrs Fothergill - Winner for August, 2016
"That's so awesome!! Thank you guys for all your hard work and all your help!! Now we can enjoy our first home, that is the best thing we could get! "
Mr Naujokas and Miss Stankaityte - Winner for July, 2016
"I was very happy with the service I received from Phillip Edwards and his team and am thrilled to have won the free legal competition"
Miss Fifield - Winner for June, 2016
"As first time buyers we thought the process would be horrendous and bumpy, but Convey Law Made the process smooth and quick; winning this competition is now the icing on the cake!"
Mrs Hazel Eve Kay - Winner for May, 2016
"What a surprise! Thanks for everything, I'm extremely grateful to the way my property transactions has been dealt with!"
Shubhashish Mukhopadhyay - Winner for April, 2016
"Excellent – thank you very much what a surprise"
Mr Surjit Dhillon - Winner for March, 2016
"Thank you so much! "
Mr Craig-Lee Rostron - Winner for February, 2016
"Oh wow! I need to sit down, I'm over the moon! I'd like to take my conveyancer out to dinner, best news I have had in ages. I'm also very happy to contribute towards the charity as it is a worth while cause."
Mr Smith - Winner for January, 2016
"Thank  you very much - I wasn't expecting such a nice surprise before Christmas!"
Mrs Jones - Winner for November, 2015
"This has come as a complete surprise - thank you so much!!"
Mr Davis - Winner for October, 2015
"Thank you very much for the cheque that I received as the winner of the legal fee competition. I am overjoyed to have won! I would like to add that I was very pleased with the service that I received from Vicki Jones and the team. They were always there to help me with the paperwork and explained everything in detail which made things much easier for me."
Francis Douglas - Winner for September, 2015
"Oh, that’s brilliant, thanks very much, I’m well chuffed!"
Kay Clay - Winner for August, 2015
"Thank you ever so much. What a lovely start to the week, very exciting!"
Vaidas Skiparis - Winner for July, 2015
"Fabulous, how nice it is to receive some good news for a change! Thank you for the work you and your team put in with the sale of our property, it took a while, but we go there in the end!"
Jo Dixon - Winner for June, 2015
"Wow, this news had made my day! Thank you for all the hard work you put into the purchase, and I’m sorry for all the badgering I did! Thank you again."
Ross Truesdale - Winner for May, 2015
"ConveyLaw provided a highly professional service that made the sale of my house very easy and efficient. I was very pleased with the service I received and have every confidence in recommending them to every body selling their property."
Fadia Clarke - Winner for April, 2015
"Ty Hafan is a worthwhile charity, so this was a win/win situation for me. I’ve used Convey Law twice now and I’ve always had a good experience, good value for money and offer a very competitive price."
Phillip Jones - Winner for March, 2015
"Very happy with service, always got a response to all correspondence and the matter was dealt with efficiently."
Christopher Turley - Winner for February, 2015
"The telephone call was a lovely surprise. The company and your team do an exceptional job, not only from a legal point of view but your charity work, including TY HAFAN, the past few years has been a huge success. Congratulations to you and your team."
George Malone - Winner for January, 2015

2014 Competition Winners

December – Christopher Turley

November – John Dibbins

October – Kim Taylor

September – Elvis and Diana Ridley

August – Andrew John Pike

July – Mr Javier Dieguez-Mainar and Miss Rachel Edmonds

June – Mr Vosper & Miss Rowland

May – Mrs Jones

April – Miss Vensolvaite

March – Mr Thomas

February – Mr Lyn Jones,

January – Mr Stephen Hannah

2013 Competition Winners

December – Ms Lesslar,

November – Mr and Mrs Ruthiran,

October – Mr Hitchcox

September – Mr and Mrs Watkins

August – Mr and Mrs Speight

July – Mr Penberthy

June – Mr Dowling,

May – Miss Sheppard

April – Mr and Mrs Price

March – Mr and Mrs Howard,

February – Mr Greeno

January – Mr and Mrs Stoyles