Wellbeing at Work Survey Results

Our Wellbeing Survey results have been thoroughly analysed and the data has been collated into an easy-to-read summary. These results will inform a webinar series led by industry experts.

The findings of the report and the industry expert recommendations will help us to develop a wellbeing roadmap that will support new industry-wide guidance. This guidance will improve the overall wellbeing of those who work within the property industry.

To find out more about the survey and a breakdown of the results, please watch this video of Conveyancing Foundation Chairman, Lloyd Davies, discussing the survey findings.

Download our Survey Results Brochure

Discover the findings of our comprehensive “Wellbeing at Work” survey in the property industry. Download our survey results brochure and gain valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities for improving workplace happiness.

Learn about the self-reported levels of mental health, the importance of flexible working arrangements, and the need for increased mental health support. Join us in revolutionising the property industry’s approach to wellbeing at work.

The successful execution of the survey was made possible with special thanks to Charity Partner, Richard Lambert from Morale Solutions.