Mindstep: 120 volunteers raise £17,000 in the Mindstep Lockdown Relay

Thank you to the Mindstep Foundation for sharing the following article:

On the weekend 26-28th February 2021, more than 120 people took part in our first official event – The Mindstep Lockdown Relay.

Lockdown has challenged our traditional sense of community with the closure of sports clubs, offices and a ban on gatherings. So, we set out to create a virtual community, at a time when it’s impossible to all get together.

The relay ran non-stop for 51 hours (5pm Friday – 8pm Sunday). Each volunteer did their 1-hour then passed the virtual baton to the next person and so on… The activities varied from walking, running and cycling to dancing, tyre-flipping, jet-washing and DJ-ing!

We had volunteers across the country and in different parts of the world, from Australia to Dubai. The team kept in contact via a group WhatsApp, which was a constant stream of positive and encouraging messages to one another – contributing to the sense of community.

The event raised an incredible £17,000 for our mental health and suicide prevention research, three times our original target. Thank you to everyone who took part and gave it their absolute all, as well as those who so generously donated along the way.

We will keep you posted on the next one!

March 5, 2021