Mindstep: World Suicide Prevention Day 2022

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World Suicide Prevention Day is a chance for all of us to work towards reducing the stigma around suicide.

On this day, of all days, thank you for your ongoing support to the Mindstep Foundation and our work to prevent suicide.

Today we share common myths and misunderstandings about suicide from ‘When it is Darkest’ by Professor Rory O’Connor, who leads our suicide prevention research at the University of Glasgow.

Drawing on decades of work in the field of suicide prevention and research, the book untangles the complex reasons behind suicide and seeks to dispel any unhelpful myths.

For those trying to help someone vulnerable, it provides indispensable advice on communication, stressing the importance of listening to fears and anxieties without judgment. And for those who are struggling to get through the tragedy of suicide, it can help you find strength in the darkest of places.

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September 10, 2022