Conveyancer Stress Highlighted in 2024 Wellbeing Survey

The Conveyancing Foundation Wellbeing at Work Survey 2024, undertaken by independent work survey providers and Foundation Charity Partner Morale Solutions, revealed that workplace stress remains a significant factor for 68% of Conveyancers, with 14% stating that stress is a constant factor in their working lives.

This represents a small improvement from the 2023 Survey, which recorded a 72% overall stress rating but indicates that little has changed over the last 18 months to alleviate the difficulties faced by Conveyancers in fulfilling their complex and demanding roles.

The 2024 Survey also revealed a sharp rise in the stress felt by support and administrative staff working in legal conveyancing practices, which rose from stress levels of 28% last year to 46% this year, clearly indicating that support staff are increasingly feeling the pressure as well as Conveyancers.

The Survey asked 650 respondents for suggestions to alleviate stress-related issues, and the overwhelming responses were to recruit more staff and reduce caseloads.

 Lloyd Davies, Chairman of the Conveyancing Foundation, commented:

“It is disappointing to see that as an industry we have made little progress in reducing stress levels for Conveyancers and their support staff over the course of the last 12 – 18 months.

“The underlying issue coming out of the Wellbeing at Work Survey again this year was that Conveyancers – and especially their staff – are struggling with their caseloads and their volume of work. Conveyancing is by its very nature fast paced, requires a fantastic amount of coordination from the legal professionals involved and moving house is an emotional and sometimes fraught experience for clients, which makes the job challenging at the best of times. With Conveyancers and their staff tasked with increasing responsibilities, along with additional regulatory, financial, and administrative challenges throughout the conveyancing process, we need to look at what improvements can be made to create a better balance for all concerned.

“It is apparent from the Survey that caseloads are too high, perhaps as a result of poor fees per case requiring heavy caseloads, and perhaps business leaders need to examine how they can increase their fees and lower caseloads in order to reduce pressure and stress.”

The results and findings of the Conveyancing Foundation Wellbeing at Work results will be discussed at the upcoming Bold Group Conference in Regents Park London on the 19th June 2024. An expert panel will identify the specific challenges and stressors experienced by Conveyancers and the strategies available for legal practice owners, Regulators, and Conveyancers to alleviate the issues and prioritise wellbeing in the conveyancing profession.

The panel session will be hosted by Conveyancing Foundation Chairman, Lloyd Davies, and will feature expert panellists including Elizabeth Rimmer from Law Care, Sue Bence from Simply Conveyancing, and Maria Lati from Grant Saw Solicitors LLP.

Click now to access the results of the Conveyancing Foundation Wellbeing at Work Survey 2024.

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May 30, 2024