Conveyancing Foundation Chairman in #BeKindWeCare Podcast

The Conveyancing Foundation Chairman Lloyd Davies has been talking about the foundation’s recently-launched #BeKindWeCare initiative in a podcast with PLS Solicitors’ MD Dan Hickey, featured in Today’s Conveyancer. 

In the latest ‘PLS POD’, Lloyd and Dan engaged in a frank conversation about some of the issues faced by the property industry over the last year which led to calls for the set-up of something to help those under pressure. 

They both agreed that everyone in the industry had been coping with the twin demands of operating remotely and dealing with the increased workload generated by the Stamp Duty holiday. 

Lloyd, also Managing Director of Convey Law, admitted that the Stamp Duty holiday was probably “the last thing” the industry wanted after the backlog from the first lockdown and he said many of the Convey team would “probably rather have had less money and less work and just be able to manage what was going on around them”. 

In the face of the challenges, Lloyd said it was crucial that clients not only tried to understand that everyone was doing their best in difficult circumstances but also that businesses boosted their wellbeing support for staff. 

#BeKindWeCare was set up by the foundation in partnership with charities LawCare, Agents Together and the Mindstep Foundation, to provide mental health and wellbeing resources for anyone who needs help in the property industry. 

April 22, 2021