Turning the Clock Back on Stress and Retraining your Brain: Advice from The Conveyancing Foundation’s First Webinar

Stress management experts Angus Lyon and Hannah Beko discussed valuable tips and techniques to combat stress at The Conveyancing Foundation’s first #BeKindWeCare webinar this week.

The Foundation recently launched the #BeKindWeCare campaign to help those in the property and conveyancing industry suffering rising levels of mental health concerns, following an unprecedented year. It promotes kindness and wellbeing in the industry and provides a resource hub of information in association with LawCare, Agents Together and the Mindstep Foundation.

Angus Lyon, a property lawyer for 30 years, now working as counsellor is a specialist in ‘beating burnout’. Comparing the warning signs of stress to hours on a clock face, he said it was hard to see the burnout coming but it was “possible to wind back the clock”.

Advising people to appreciate it was better to learn how to cope rather than expect a stress-free life, he talked about how we could all be “more proactive in accepting the warning signs of stress”.

Lawyer and author Hannah Beko also focused on recognising the symptoms of stress such as sleep issues, lack of patience, memory issues and procrastination.

She believes that legal, property and conveyancing professions are particularly prone to stress because so many people try and be the “superhero” that does it all.

“We are trying to be everything to everyone and we can’t delegate,” she said.

She talked about the origins of stress in the brain and how we could “take some of that control back” by using tactics such as positive language and controlling negative thoughts.

She discussed techniques such as “journaling” where you write down a worry list to ease the pressure on your mind and practising gratitude and affirmation to “retrain your brain” as well as introducing meditation and a positive morning routine.

The webinar ended with a panel discussion about the need to change workplace culture to ensure wellbeing is taken far more seriously as well on how technology can be used to provide mental health resources.

The Conveyancing Foundation is focusing on mental health in the workplace during 2021, particularly in the wake of the pandemic and the increased workload those in the profession have faced triggered by the Stamp Duty holiday.

It is working with expert partners LawCare, who provide mental health support for the legal profession, Agents Together, who provide mental health support for estate agents and the Mindstep Foundation which funds research into the causes of mental health.

Georgia Davies from The Conveyancing Foundation said: “We have already had some great feedback from this webinar that the practical tips and techniques on identifying and dealing with stress have been very beneficial. It is still available to watch so please do take a look when you can.”

She added: “We have a calendar of events throughout the year focusing on promoting mental health and wellbeing. We hope to reach out to as many people as possible in the industry and make a positive difference.

“We are also fundraising for mental health charities during the year. We do this through offering sponsorship packages so please do get in touch if you would like to support our vital work.”

The Foundation’s first webinar was kindly sponsored by Redbrick Solutions, UHY, the Conveyancing Academy and Conveyancing Data Services.

April 30, 2021