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Industry Surveys

Conveyancing Foundation’s “Be Kind We Care” initiative continues with revolutionary industry-wide surveys. Our completed Wellbeing at Work Survey sheds light on professionals’ wellbeing and challenges in the property industry, guiding us to create a brighter future.

Everyone in the property industry is encouraged to complete the surveys, the results of which will be dissected and used to develop blueprints for what constitutes industry best practice.

Download the 'Wellbeing at Work 2023' Results & Report

Discover the findings of our comprehensive "Wellbeing at Work" survey in the property industry. Download our survey results brochure and gain valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities for improving workplace happiness.

Learn about the self-reported levels of mental health, the importance of flexible working arrangements, and the need for increased mental health support. Join us in revolutionising the property industry's approach to wellbeing at work.

All Conveyancing Foundation Surveys are in collaboration with
Morale Solutions

The Foundation Team sends thanks to Richard & team for their continued support.