Conveyancing Foundation’s Wellbeing at Work Survey: Challenges and Opportunities for Improvement in the Property Industry

The Conveyancing Foundation is pleased to announce the preliminary findings from its “Wellbeing at Work” survey, which aims to assess the happiness and challenges faced by professionals in the property industry and identify ways to improve their working lives. This survey, the first of two comprehensive industry-wide surveys conducted in 2023, seeks to gain a deeper understanding of the property industry’s happiness and challenges, with the goal of revolutionizing working conditions.

Endorsed by Elizabeth Rimmer, CEO of LawCare, and conducted by industry-leading specialists  Morale Solutions, the ground-breaking survey has received 524 responses from professionals across the property industry, primarily legal firms and conveyancing practices. The survey explores self-reported levels of mental health and wellbeing, shedding light on the unique challenges faced by those in the property industry and emphasizing the need for significant improvements in workplace wellbeing.

The survey reveals that self-reported levels of mental health in the property industry are currently the best they have been in the past three years, rebounding after a decline during the industry’s busy SDLT phase in 2021.

To download the full Wellbeing at Work survey report, please click here.

Overall, 58% of respondents experience stress as a constant factor in their work or report high levels of stress, with workload being the main cause, followed by work-life balance and lack of support from management.

The majority of respondents desire more flexible working arrangements, with working from home being the most popular choice. Only 10% of people have no hybrid working in their organisation.

The survey also highlights that stress levels are higher among exclusively office-based staff. Building strong working relationships, having good friendships within a business, feeling connected with their immediate team, and perceiving their line manager as approachable were found to be crucial factors for improving workplace satisfaction.

Respondents express positive working relationships with people in different roles, but the relationships between Conveyancers and Estate Agents needs improvement, with deadlines and external pressures causing concerns about difficult collaborations.

To enhance personal wellbeing, respondents call for recognition of their contribution, stronger industry-wide relationships, and reduced workload to alleviate stress. The introduction of Mental Health First Aiders in workplaces is highly desired, especially among Estate Agents.

Lloyd Davies, Chairman of the Conveyancing Foundation, emphasizes the need for support and intervention, stating that mental health and support systems must be prioritised to create a healthier work environment. He commits the Foundation to spearheading transformative initiatives based on the survey results to shape a brighter future for the wellbeing of everyone in the property industry.

Lloyd Davies, Chairman of the Conveyancing Foundation, discusses the findings:

“The survey findings indicate that employers can do more to improve wellbeing at work, as almost 90% of respondents feel that there is room for improvement. Flexible working arrangements, increased access to mental health support, and a reduction in workload are necessary to address the challenges faced by professionals in the property industry.

“The Conveyancing Foundation’s “Wellbeing at Work” survey provides valuable insights into the experiences of property industry professionals and will drive positive change for the sector. The Foundation plans to use the survey results to establish best-practice blueprints with industry leaders, revolutionising how the property industry approaches wellbeing at work.”

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The successful execution of the survey was made possible with special thanks to Charity Partner, Richard Lambert from Morale Solutions.

July 17, 2023